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The Salari System

About Dr. Fred Salari

Pain for most of us is the result of stubbing a toe or nervous tensions, and generally, the hurting will ease in a few minutes, and the headaches leave if we can relax and take an aspirin. But for some of us, pain is an ever present, life robbing companion. Dr. Fred Salari believes something can be done to help change that.

There's nothing in the whole world that can satisfy like the happiness you see when people are helped by you, says Dr. Salari. He explains that many of his patients have been rejected by other specialists and told that they can never go back to work. So helping them is very rewarding.

Though Dr. Salari realizes the patient may not get complete relief in every case, he is very pleased with his 30 years of medical practice.

Dr. Salari completed an internship at Deacons Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then he went to Johnstown, Pennsylvania for more training in anesthesiology and put extra emphasis on pain management. Before moving to the area, Dr. Salari was Director of Anesthesiology at Calhoun General Hospital in Grantsville, West Virginia. Dr. Salari plans to remain in the area and to improve his services to the people of the region by getting the latest technology available.

Dr. Salari's credentials include:

Director of Anesthesia & Pain Management at St. John's Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Anesthesiology at Calhoun General Hospital in Grantsville, West Virginia

Somerset Hospital-Southwest Surgery Center in Pittsburgh, PA & Brownsville General Hospital

Dr. Salari is certified by the board of the American College of Anesthesiologists and the Academy of Pain Management

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